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Star Wars NPR - July 30, 2008

The starwars NPR shows are no longer in my possession. Aug 30, 2009

Star Wars NPR Box Set Empire and Jedi only[Starwars NPR] (National Public Radio) was a radio broadcast of the starwars movies.

Featured here are the box sets of "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi." I bought these used a long long time ago at a bookstore far far away, and by no means are they in collecters shape. The boxes have sufferd many moves and are quite skuffed, dinged and scratched. The cds however are in fine shape with no scratches.

The Empire Strikes Back is told through 10 episodes that cover 5 cds. Return of the Jedi is told through 6 episodes that cover 3 Cds.

Make sure you read the [rules.]

What do you get?
- The Empire Strikes Back NPR broadcast in its original box with 5 cds.
- Return of the Jedi NPR broadcast in its original box with 3 cds.

Binary Clock - Jan 24, 2008

The clock was claimed on July 15, 2008

Binary Clock PictureUp for grabs is a Discovery Channel Binary Clock. The clock is in working condition and has some scratches on the surface, these are visible in the picture.

To claim this clock be the first person to send me an e-mail with the subject "Binary Clock."
In the body of the message please leave your shipping address.

Make sure you read and understand the rules, they are listed below this post.

Shipping on this item is free to Continental U.S only! If you are outside the USA we can negotiate the shipping costs.

What do you get?
- One Binary Clock
- One Power Cable

I don't have the original box or the instruction page. The online manual and how-to instructions are at the [anelace site.]

The Rules - Jan 24, 2008

If you claim an item and fail to give me your shipping address within 15 days, I'm re-posting it to the site for someone else to claim.

Shipping: I will pay to ship the item at my cost, unless posted otherwise, using the least expensive ground service to the Continental U.S only. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii or Abroad, shipping can be paid for via paypal only. E-mail me and we can work out the details.

Returns: There are none!

Warranties: There are none! Item's I post to give away should be in working order when I ship them, I'm not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping. Item's I post to give away might not be tested for functionality, and might be missing parts. Everything posted is given away AS-IS with no warranty.

Don't e-mail me with complaints that part x is missing from part y, or part z is broken. I'll ship each item with all the parts and pieces that I have! If its not in the box that I shipped it with I don't have it! If its broken, I'm sorry, it was to the best of my knowledge working before I shipped it!

You agree to these terms when you accept a free item from me.

Why am I doing this? - Jan 24, 2008

Last year I came across this article, [7 secrets of the super organized]. I was really inspired to get rid of my clutter and get more organized. So what to do with the things that I never use and don't plan too? I could sell them on ebay or yard sales, but I would just buy more stuff that I don't need and that seems to be against the spirit of getting organized. Thats why I'm getting rid of the stuff here!