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slfn - Sept 26, 2007

slfn - Search Long File Names, is a perl script that scans for directories and file names that exceed their size and path limits.

To get more information on slfn see the [blog entry.]

Usage: slfn path logfile

E:\slfn>slfn c:\ c:\slfn.log

This would search the entire c:\ drive and save the log to the root of the drive.

The Original author of the script was [Circutibreaker.] I made some simple changes to make csv imports to a mass reamer like [aren.]

[slfn program]
[original source code]
[modified source code]

TimerControl - April 01, 2007

TimerControl Screenshot TimerControl is a small C# program that will run something after a set time has expired. Using drop downs you can select the Hour, Minutes and Seconds.
Timer control was built on the .net framework 2.0 if you dont have it please download [from microsoft's .net site.]

[Download the TimerControl installer!]