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[Honda 919] [Flight Control Box] [WipeOut]

Honda 919

Honda 919 motorcycle covered in snow
My 919, I know not a very good picture but in my part of the world it snows maybe once every 5 years, so its special!

I bought this from my [buddy] a couple years ago.

I have some customization to do before I call it complete, these are some my plans...

New mirrors.
Carbon Pipes.
Fender Eliminator Kit.
Power Commander.

New mirrors... I really like these: Windows volume settings screenshot

They are made by company in Germany called abm. I really like how slim and streamlined they are. They can be purchaed with blinkers, which is cool as removing the stock blinkers will give the bike a more naked look.

Carbon Pipes... Pipes are expensive! I really want pipes for looks and sound, and not so much for preformance. The least expensive carbon pipes I could find are these:
Barracuda Pipes
I'm sure I'll get a slight preformance increase with these, but the real reason is for the carbon and of course the sound. I plan on keeping the bike its stock black color and the carbon will look great with the solid black.

To get an idea of what the barracuda's sound like check out this video. This clip is showcasing the barracuda exhausts on a europen hornet 599 (the 919's little brother).

I really like the way they sound on the 599 and would bet that on a 919 they would sound heavier.

Fender Eliminator Kit... Of all the kits I've seen I like this one the best:
fender eliminator for honda 919
These upgrades/modifications, and the power commander will make my 919 complete!

Flight Control Box

Pictures and information on my flight control box coming soon!


WipeOut is a great game and I've been a fan since the first version came out on the Sega Saturn. The newest version of Wipeout is Pulse for the psp. If you have a psp and enjoy racing games Pulse is jam-packed with features. One of the best features in Pulse is the ability to create your own skins for each ship. This section of the site will feature the skins I've created.

Battlestar Galactica [Mark II Viper:] - April 4, 2008

This skin is for the Feisar ship:

Viper skin on Fiesar shipI think the Feisar was the best choice for the Mark II. It was either that or the EGX and I thought the wingspan on the EGX was too small. This screen shot is from the wipeout-game skin editor.

Viper skin on Fiesar ship An in-game screen shot on the Arc Prime White track.

Download the [Mark II Viper Template] for the Feisar.

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